TV and Radio

Just added a file found at a remote transmitter site on Vashon Island labeled Station Separation KOMO-KJR.

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KEVR Makes planes to increase power and move to Vashon Island…Read More

This site is under construction and not yet officially launched. Northwest Radio & TV history covers Washington and Oregon. If you have content or ideas please fill out the contact form. Contact form

There are some Fun links to sites about Radio and Broadcasting. All sorts of Broadcast links can be found here.

To start off the list is There is a lot on the site just click around and explore click on this link to go to the Broadcast Equipment Archive

This next site is a fun one to get lost in. You can easily get lost for days on this site. I just might get lost on this site again. The radio Engineering section has a great collection of Vintage RCA Broadcast News. It’s got a lot of radio history archived in it’s scans of publications.